This is what SNS does:

  • IMG_1403smallServicing to manufacturers’ schedules.  Strip down and lubricate brake calipers as they are inspected.  Some workshops only offer a cursory inspection and miss potentially critical problems.  Your brakes, your life.

  • We also supply & fit and then custom-map for you, standalone engine management and fueling systems such as Power Commander and Bazzaz
  • Pre-Track Day inspection and set-up.  Have you got enough rubber?  Are the brakes up to standard?  Did you remember to take your lights off?  What about an oil change?  How about a new air filter?
  • Chain and sprocket replacements.  If you can get your toothbrush between the chain and the rear sprocket it’s definitely time to do it!
  • New tyres and wheel balancing.  SNS get what you want at competitive prices.  Tyres can be replaced while you wait because in our experience, it can be difficult to ride your bike with the wheels off.IMG_1413
  • Pre-MOT inspections and then sorting out the MOT for you.  If there’s work needed, you’ll know before we do it.
  •  Alarms.  Supply and fit of insurance-approved alarms
  •  Accident repairs. The classic “You bend ‘em, we mend ‘em”.  Insurance work or pay it yourself (see Track Day set-up!).
  • General repairs e.g. fixing exhausts, replacing brake discs, replacing levers and indicators.
  • Engine re-builds.  Full or partial

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